About Gorgon’s Nest

Gorgon’s Nest is a forum for discussing games (especially roleplaying games), science fiction, fantasy and related geekery.

The main blog, Tome of Understanding covers thoughts on what is going on in the gaming and associated world today, thoughts on writing and creative pursuits and what ever else crosses our path that day.

The Pelasgir Campaign section will, over time, bring together various elements to create a new campaign world for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Original Fiction is an area for new, free short stories. Gorgon’s Nest believes quality writing can explore serious ideas in popular fantasy and science fiction settings.

Other elements will be added as the site moves on, including other aspects of game design and longer fiction.

Gorgon’s Nest is maintained by Dan Rust, a freelance writer and gamer. He lives and works in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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