RPG Superstar

My introduction to game design and to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game came through Paizo’s competition for budding game designers – RPG Superstar . A long-time member of my regular gaming group, Neil McClean entered the inaugural design contest and did brilliantly well, reaching the Top 8 alongside such future luminaries as Rob McCreary and Jason Nelson. It was an inspirational contest and made me think about the principles behind the games I knew and loved in more detail than I ever had before.

In 2012 I entered RPG Superstar myself and made it through to the Top 8 myself (ensuring equal bragging rights between me and Neil). I learned a huge amount during the process and hopefully am putting that into practice now.

You can see my successful entries at:

Elixir of Resurgent Flame

Anointed Choir of the Rapture


and my disastrous final entry (I didn’t really understand what I was doing and bit of more than I could chew at the time) here:

Crimsondale Villa

For anyone with an interest in roleplaying games or their design I highly recommend entering the contest and cheering along even if you don’t get through. It really is an inspiration.

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